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Located in Gland in a craft area near the station, this complex includes a hotel and a commercial area. The cladding of the paneled vertical blades facade provides privacy to the rooms while leaving a visual clearance from inside the hotel. His reflections play with light. The offset of the facades respects the constraints related to the shape of the parcel by optimizing the surfaces used and brings a dynamic to the shape of the upper floors, reinforcing the perceived movement through the undulations of the vertical blades. The ground floor comprising the common reception areas and commercial areas is treated with glass and is set back from the floors, thus accentuating the movement of the floors.

A basement accessible by the hotel and an outdoor ramp incorporates all technical rooms, cellars and outbuildings necessary for the operation of the hotel and underground parking. The outdoor facilities play with the natural elevation of the ground and integrate the various accesses to the building (ramps, stairs …) by means of steps treated in curves taking up the movement of the vertical blades and the drawing of the ground floor.

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