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This project, located in the center of Gland, close to the train station and road access, responds to the client’s desire to create an activity building for life sciences and high technology specialists. It includes ready-to-use offices and activities that are modular on 3 levels (ground floor + 2 floors) and a business cafeteria on the ground floor. The basement houses the technical rooms, storage rooms and underground parking.

The shape of the ellipse was chosen in order to leave the industrial and craft character of the surrounding fabric and to express the vocation of the project by its architectural expression. This form is interrupted in its center by a green central courtyard. The expression of the curve of the ellipse is reinforced by the placement of horizontal metal blades over the entire periphery of each half-ellipse and unifies these two elements. The faces of the central court are treated differently to mark this interruption as an element subtracted from the general volume. Internal atriums open to the full height bring light to the heart of the activity areas and articulate along the common circulations. The building incorporates in its concept principles of sustainable development (Minergie certification, large area of ​​photovoltaic panels, location of loads for electric vehicles …)

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