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Located at the intersection Louis-Favre / Fort-Barreau, the plot is in a dense urban fabric and passing. The social housing project offers a dense template, built to free public space at the ends of the plot. By reaffirming the pedestrian crossing linking Louis-Favre to the Chemin des Grottes, the project includes a playground for children, facing south. The houses are arranged around a central core, open over the entire height of the building, serving as a distribution and allowing the circulation of air.

The apartments offer two or three orientations, with a privileged lounge and kitchen, occupying all the depth and extended by balconies. The play of staggered shelves of balconies allows to optimize the contribution of light in the apartments. These planted balconies, like suspended gardens, cool the air in summer and have a role of visual and sound protection between the inhabitants and the crossroads.

Aeration is provided in summer by a natural ventilation taking advantage of the central core. Dual-flow mechanical ventilation takes over in winter, taking fresh air out of doors through a Canadian well, to reduce heating energy costs. Domestic hot water is produced by solar panels on the roof.

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