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The work takes place in a suburban area of ​​Versoix, a Geneva village located on the right bank of the lake. This 3-level building consists of two adjoining villas (5 and 5A). The 2 apartments share the ground floor as well as the floor, but only one dwelling benefits from the penthouse. Composed of 3 superimposed volumes, the building offers large external volumes, and comes into tension with the landscape through the use of large spans. The accommodations are each organized around a large central staircase.

By choosing the Villa Savoie as a reference, Hervé de Giovannini proposes to raise the “noble” floor, to cover the entrances and cars by the built volume and to create an “urban” garden on the roof.

The “Piano Nobile” is located upstairs and is distinguished by a height of 3m under ceiling. The compound living areas of the living room, kitchen and dining room extend outward into large loggias, one facing east, the other west.

In order to create a large covered area for entry and cars, the ground floor recedes under large overhangs. For each villa, there is a luminous hall, the starting point for vertical traffic, a laundry room and storage spaces.

The attic is reserved for the villa 5. At level 3, the master suite (bedroom-bathroom-dressing-relaxation area) is extended outside by a wooden terrace with a swimming pool against -current and Japanese garden.

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